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Birth Doula

Mother and Newborn

Pregnant women, birthing women, women with newborns/children have had support from more experienced women since the beginning of time. The word “doula” means “a woman who serves” in Greek; a doula is a professional who provides physical, emotional and informational support for mothers and directs them to the right resources if needed. Most importantly, her support, care and advocacy empower women and their partners along their life-changing pregnancy and birth journey.

Birth Doulas not only help parents achieve a positive and safe birth experience, they:

  • Meet and form prenatal relationship with parents

  • Assist in creating the parents’ birth vision/birth plan

  • Provide continuous emotional, physical (non-medical) and informational support throughout pregnancy, labor & birth

  • Work with your partner during labor to keep both parents calm, supported and nurtured

  • Suggest different laboring and birthing positions during the course of labor

  • Boost parents’ confidence allowing them to be empowered when voicing their needs and wants to the medical team

  • Advocate the parents’ choices

  • Aid with initial breastfeeding and questions

  • Make referrals to medical professionals upon requests/as needed

Benefits of having a Doula
Research has shown that births with a doula present have:

  • Reduced caesarean rates

  • Lowered requests for epidural and/or any pain medications

  • Shorter length of labor

  • Fewer use of vacuum and/or forceps extractions

  • Better birth experiences

  • Higher rates of successful breastfeeding mothers

  • Reduced time in neonatal intensive care units

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