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Doula Services

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The Birth Bundle

  • 2 prenatal visits

  • 2 postpartum visits

Preparation Essentials Bundle

  • Birth plan review

  • Soft tissue (muscle, ligaments) assessment, followed by teaching of home exercises

  • Spinal analysis and adjustment, if needed

Healing Essentials Bundle*

  • Feeding: breastfeeding, safe colostrum & milk storage, bottle- & formula-feeding

  • Baby-wearing (ring slings, wraps, soft-structured carriers): proper posture for parent, safety for baby

  • Spinal analysis and adjustment for mother and baby, if needed

*many of our expectant parents choose to include feeding any/or baby-wearing during their birth preparation

Prenatal Session
During these visits, the doula will

  • explain and sign the service agreement

  • review the role of a doula and discuss clients’ expectations of doula services

  • discuss the client/partner’s options and preferences for labor and birth

  • offer suggestions and evidence based research and information

  • go through when and how to contact your doula

  • answer any other questions that the clients may have

It is essential that both the client and the partner attend the sessions. Session can occur in any location comfortable for the client, usually in the client’s home

Labor & Birth Support
During the birth, the doula

  • may utilize non-medical support techniques for labor and birth (such as relaxation, massage, spinning babies, and other comfort measures), provide reassurance and perspective to the client, and make suggestions to help labor progress.

  • aims to help the partner to feel empowered & informed to help the laboring/birthing mother. The doula will offer ideas to help support the laboring/birthing mother from beginning to end.

  • only assists the mother, but also the partner, allowing them to take part in the whole birth process.not

*In the event of a Cesarean section (planned or unplanned), support will still be provided (breastfeeding, partner, emotional, evidence-based information & advocacy)

Postnatal Session
During these sessions, the doula will provide

  • emotional support

  • help with newborn care

  • breastfeeding/bottlefeeding/finger/syringe feeding

  • tips and tricks to soothe/comfort the baby

  • help with transitioning back to work (pumping, storage of milk, etc)

  • answer any other concerns/questions by providing evidence based information

  • referrals to professionals, if required

Session can occur in any location comfortable for the client, usually in the client’s home

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