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Meet Dr. Katrina


Welcome to Triada, a framework Dr. Katrina Gallagher has developed as a chiropractor, a clinical nutritionist, and a certified doula to express our God-given health potential.  We keep you feeling and functioning at your best.  We grow champion babies and rock-solid kids.  We support daddies and husbands, too!  Our faith-based, holistic approach incorporates function, food, and fitness to realize your and your family’s health from within.  ​

meet & greet

If you haven't had a chat with Dr. Katrina, here is your chance!   She's setting aside 15 minutes to get to know you and to answer questions you may have before you get started with care.  Give us a call to arrange your private meet & greet today!

expressing energetic, thriving, and extraordinary lives through excellent chiropractic and nutritional care