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Harvesting Carrots

Choose foods that nourish your body.

 We were each designed to have different strengths and talents.  The foods that fuel you best depends on many factors, such as age, genetics, and lifestyle.  Dr. Katrina customizes plans that fit your goals and your body's unique needs.

Weight Wellness
    Forget counting calories - focus on nutrients.  To let go of reserves, your body needs vitamin- and mineral-rich real foods.  Your body utilizes energy differently, depending on the source. For example, fiber is a type of carbohydrate (just like sugar) but it takes longer to digest, meaning you feel full longer.   Our Weight Wellness program provides the highest nutrient density in every bite to keep you satisfied - and well nourished. We carefully analyze your personal needs and what it takes to thrive, so that you may reach your optimum weight and well-being.

Planning & Pregnancy
    Your body needs specific nutrients to support pregnancy hormones, as well as to develop your growing baby.  A personalized nutrition consultation can help you have a more comfortable pregnancy, a smooth transition into postpartum, and sufficient milk supply.  

Postpartum Healing
    The past 9 or more months have been dedicated to growing and nourishing your growing baby.  Now that baby is here, your body needs to heal, both physically and chemically.  Each woman’s body responds to foods differently, which may affect the pace at which the body recovers and may also affect milk production.  We will design a plan that works with your body and your goals.

Babies & Kids
    There are books upon books of how to introduce solids to your baby and how to combat picky-eating.  It can be confusing how to choose the right approach.  Nutritional consultations for babies and children are very comprehensive as we must consider parental preferences, family habits, and the child’s unique needs and development. 

Green Goodness

Sometimes we need a little extra boost beyond the foods we eat - that's where dietary supplements come in.

We offer practitioner-grade supplements at our online dispensary.  Ask how we can help you set up your account today.


For your convenience, we also carry a handful of the most popular supplements in-house!

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