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Patient Testimonials & Stories

I tagged along with my wife to her appointment.  Based on what Dr. Katrina explained to her, I was curious to know my condition so I joined in.  We realized that I have some issues in the neck and pelvic area so I signed up for treatment.  My experience with Dr. Katrina has been very positive.  She is very patient and she explains in detail all the issues and problems and even solutions.  In terms of results I used to feel tightness around my neck where I had to crack my neck 10, 20 times a day, every day.  But after treatment, I no longer feel the need to do that.  And after treatment, I am more conscious about my posture.

- Jin K.

I was really intrigued by the content she delivered on that day so I decided to come in and see her personally.  She shared with me how to care for myself, especially on food, mind, body, and soul. Everything has to be congruent.  I dropped my size from an US18 to a US12 and now the 12 is loose for me now so I am going down to 10.  Hopefully but the end of the year, I will be a size 8.  It was a very gradual process of eating healthy and making myself look better, feel better, and more energy.  So thank you very much, Dr. Katrina, for all your guidance and advice.

- Sharifah F.

So I came in with lower back pain, specifically at the tailbone.    After a few adjustments she made, the pain just went away.  My experience with Dr. Katrina has been enlightening to help maintain my pain free existence.  Right now I am able to rock climb 3 times a week and I do not fear getting hurt or injured because I know I can always just come back here.

- Miguel L.

I used to have shoulder ache and it was quite bad.  So my friend recommended chiropractic session.  The pain has reduced significantly and I have a much much better lifestyle because when the shoulder is aching it will just spoil your day and mood.  So now with chiropractic sessions, I can run pain-free and even when I’m working it doesn’t affect me that badly.  Dr. Katrina is very good and she also teaches me about the importance of nutrition and her adjustments are so great I feel very relieved after every session.

- Yeo CW

The biggest result or change I experienced throughout the course of my adjustments was going into labor 20 minutes after my last adjustment.  I do put that down to the fact that Dr. Katrina was able to help reposition my baby who was posterior until that point.  And I’m really thankful I got to go through a natural, drug free labor.  Thank you Dr. Katrina.  I’d say to anyone thinking about it, if you do have hesitations or concerns, a chat with Dr. Katrina will put you at ease.

- Storm D.

Sometimes I could spend more than 12 hours on a computer.  I started to feel my neck and shoulders getting painful, but eventually my fingers were getting numb and I was losing strength.  At first I went physio to get it fixed.  I went three times and could feel it was getting a little for a few hours after but by night it was back and seizing up. My friend said, “Maybe you should see my chiro.” I told Dr Katrina my symptoms and she knew exactly what was going on. She could tell me C1, C2 whichever one it was that had the problem.  I started getting adjustments and I could see within 2 weeks my hand was not as numb as before and my strength was coming back.

- Kristy K.

I started seeing Dr. Katrina for neck pain that started with my exercise.  Very shortly after the pain was gone. In terms of mobility and posture, I feel I have really benefited a lot from the treatment.
My experience with Dr. Katrina has been excellence.  Not only the professionalism but also the positive attitude and bubbliness always gives me a good vibe after the treatment.

- Emma R.

I’ve been to Dr. Katrina for Chiro care for myself and my pair of twins since about 3-4 years back.  As a personal trainer who is more in tune with my body, I understand I need to get my back looked into so I don’t develop longterm issues down the road.  It has been a great journey with her because what I really appreciated and love about visiting her clinic every session is that we get more than just adjustments.  We talk how everything is linked together and Dr. Katrina is able to help me piece it all together, not just for myself but for my twins as well.

The biggest benefit I get out of working with Dr. Kat is to be able to take care of myself and the children in a very holistic manner, because she doesn’t just talk about structurally what is wrong with you, what can do, what can we not do, but as as certified doula and a nutritionist practitioner, we get a very entire, holistic aspect of how we can improve our health from inside out.  I always tells my clients or mummy friends that need help in this aspect, to go to Dr. Katrina for one thing:  She is the one person that can tell you story about your body which no other practitioner, or I’d say rarely another practitioner, can do it that well.  So the entire story why the problem comes about. She is able to piece it nicely into a picture so you can really truly understand what is going on inside your body.  With this, anyone, including myself, can make very informed decisions about what we can do to help ourselves get better and to lead a more meaningful and healthier life.

-Kareen L.

I had my whole journey of pregnancy with Dr. Katrina adjusting my back.  Basically I had a painless pregnancy and it was very smooth. Now this time around, my second pregnancy, I came back to her again.  The whole experience was great and I do encourage everyone to come to her.

- Adeline W.

When I came to see Dr. Katrina, I was experiencing pain in my neck that would gradually rise to be a bad headache.  It was quite unbearable.  Every time I come here, everything is so relaxed, my muscles, after the treatment.  After just a few sessions, I no longer have the pain or symptoms.

- Amanda F.

I came to Dr. Katrina for a neck pain which was kind of preventing me from exercising properly.  Since coming it has been great relief that I can exercise a bit more vigorously and sleep better.  So it’s been fantastic overall.

- David C.

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