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Dr. Katrina Gallagher

Chiropractor, Clinical Nutritionist, Doula

Dr. Katrina Gallagher lived in southwestern Pennsylvania until she headed to college at Rider University, where she played Division 1 volleyball.  She also served as president of the school’s chapter of American Medical Student Association (AMSA), as a student ambassador, and studied a premedical tract to graduate with a degree in Biology (BSc).

During her athletic career, Dr. Katrina sustained injuries to her right knee that threatened her continued involvement in the varsity sport.   After two years of limited improvement through conventional medicine, a friend suggested that Dr. Katrina seek the advice of a corrective chiropractor.  During her first visit, the chiropractor asked if she had been in an automobile accident, as there was significant structural change to her spine evidenced on the x-rays.  At this moment, Dr. Katrina began to appreciate the impact of how the spine affects the function of the rest of the body.  She began regular chiropractic adjustments to restore the function of her spine and to remove interference from her nervous system.  She quickly and easily changed paths from medical to chiropractic.

Dr. Katrina soon met her husband-to-be on the second day of classes at Northeast College of Health Sciences, formerly known as New York Chiropractic College.  They enrolled and completed the Master of Science Applied Clinical Nutrition (MSACN) program together, as they envisioned creating a holistic practice that addresses multiple aspects of health.  After graduating with Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) in 2011, they moved to Singapore to experience life and culture abroad.  It was in Singapore that their faith was realized as they called New Creation Church their home.  They welcomed their daughter, Isla Rhys, at a home birth in 2016.

Their quick, smooth birth was preambled by an energetic, comfortable pregnancy.  Even their OB/GYN and team of doulas could not believe how easy the birth and postpartum period.  Friends, colleagues, and patients wanted to know Dr. Katrina’s “secrets” and “tips”.  It was then her husband suggested that Dr. Katrina become a certified birth doula and a certified postpartum doula to inspire, educate, and prepare other birthing parents of the possibilities of truly amazing births and postnatal recovery.

In 2018, God revealed His great plan for Dr. Katrina to open a practice dedicated to parents seeking to express their children’s lives more abundantly through comprehensive care.  With no job, no car, no home - but with a whole lot of faith - they packed up their home in Singapore and headed to a land they had never been before: Texas!

Believing that faith is at the center of healing, Dr. Katrina’s approach is to keep the body functioning the way it was designed in God’s perfect image with chiropractic care, nourishing the body with wholesome foods, and keeping the body fit and strong with proper exercises.  Her personal, professional, and faith experiences meld together to create a practice like no other.  Triada was created to support and walk alongside families on their journey of health and wholeness.

Dr. Katrina Gallagher
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