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Slimming wraps don't work!

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Getting into the fitness industry and specializing in women’s fitness has truly reinforced how ignorant I was and how easily influenced most women like myself can be. And all because the big budget slimming industry was allowed big mindshare to inform our choices.

But here is the ULTIMATE reason why wraps and belts don’t work for helping us shed off those inches!

They don’t teach your body how to burn fats. Period.

Let’s face the ultimate inconvenient truth.

We only shed inches off and burn fats when our bodies ACTUALLY burn fats. Yes …. It’s all about biology, physiology, chemistry…. Whatever you want to call it.

It’s nothing to do with belts, wraps, infrared wraps, patented fat burning materials etc ….

Yes I do agree that a well- designed tummy wrap can assist in helping to heal diastasis (not all brands do that) and help support our pelvis after delivery. However, they do not help in shedding off the excess inches off your body. Because they simply have no hand in contributing to your body’s fat burning physiology.

How are Fats Burned?

Through pure hard work.

Ever heard of skinny fat? A person is skinny but can still house a high body fat percentage.

Whatever body shape we are, it’s the same when it comes to physiology. Our bodies only burn fats through metabolizing fats. The more active you get, the more intense your activity level, the more you encourage your body to be a fat burning furnace!

Not forgetting eating adequately for fat loss too. No amount of belts and wraps, cold or hot, will help if we keep putting highly processed foods laden with sugar and toxic substances into our mouths.

Want to burn off fats the sustainable manner and shed them off for good?

Face up to the inconvenient truth about fat loss.

Teach the body to burn from inside out. Eat Right, Move Right and Think Right.

It’s time to start right.

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