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You are only one adjustment away from a good mood

Adjustments improve not only the mobility of the joint, but the surrounding tissues — muscles, ligaments, nerves. Movement of the joint allows for movement of retained fluids, creating flow of nutrients in, waste out.

The nutrients can repair damaged tissue and trigger healing. Muscles can start to relax, as they no longer need to protect a problem from getting worse. Nerves begin to “breathe” and fire optimally.

Will you feel better when your body is working the way it was designed? Absolutely. You may feel less pain, looser, or more relaxed. The chiropractic adjustment has also been shown to create balance in the autonomic nervous system (ANS), which houses your sympathetic [do you remember “fight or flight” from school days?] and parasympathetic [do you recall "rest and digest"?].

If your sympathetic system is in overdrive, you may feel restless, nervousness, increased heart rate, sweating, and fearful. Stimulating the parasympathetic system creates a calming effect, as the sympathetic system relatively dials down a few notches. Now your body can function in a balanced state.

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