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Growing well-adjusted kids

"Oh! I didn't know babies and children can be adjusted!" is a comment we hear regularly.

With the coming together of sperm and egg, creation develops an embryo, which becomes a fetus, which becomes a baby --- all by its own wisdom. We work with the body to facilitate optimal function from pre-conception and pregnancy through birth and beyond.

Since children may not know how to express that they are experiencing a symptom, many early problems are missed or incorrectly diagnosed. At Triada, we work at their pace and follow their lead. We perform clinical assessments and examinations but the parents also get involved. The parents get to feel and see what we feel and see. We teach them what to look for, why it could be happening, and how to support the body's peak performance both in and out of our practice.

Rather than follow a pathogenic model used in traditional medicine, we follow a salutogenic model. According to the ICPA, "Salutogenesis is a term meaning the creation of health. Its focus is on health, well-being, and improved quality of life. In contrast is the pathogenic model, which focuses on the treatment of disease. This emphasis on pathology often includes fear of symptoms and disease. A salutogenic approach looks at the myriad of health and lifestyle choices that can be utilized to create better vitality and well-being. Salutogenic practitioners use encouragement and support in their care, with an inherent trust in the body's wisdom to adapt, heal, and regenerate."

Today is the best day to get your little one checked!

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